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Strong State SF-H Analog Flexo Plates

basic information
Product description

SF-H is the next generation sheet photopolymer specifically designed to address all direct print corrugated board requirements. SF-H sheet photopolymer provides excellent solids coverage, while its low tack and high resilience offer long and clean press runs.

Key Features:
Holds the finest detail without the need to back mask
Quick wash out,and can be finished without detack
Image fidelity for high-end graphic and halftone reproduction at all gauges
No cupping allows for uniform impression at all process speeds
Good resistance towards mechanical impacts and extremely durable
Compatible with water and alcohol-based inks containing up to 25% acetate
Suitable for corrugated post printing and other paper substrates
Technical Specifications
Hardness (Shore Å) 112 mil/2.84 mm:48/45
                         125 mil/3.18mm:48/45
                         155 mil/3.94mm:45/43
                         217 mil/5.5  mm:40/38
Image reproduction 3 – 95%   100 lpi
Minimum isolated line 0.30 mm
Minimum isolated dot 0.5 mm
Max size (inch/mm) 52×80/1320×2032
 Recommended Processing Conditions* 



Back exposure


Main exposure**


Wash out







112/2.84 45-55 4-8 3-5 1.5-2 3-5 2-5
125/3.18 20-30 5-10 3-5 1.5-2 3-5 2-5
155/3.94 30-35 5-10 3-5 1.5-2 3-5 2-5
185/4.7 50-60 5-10 3-5 2-2.5 3-5 2-5
217/5.5 55-65 5-12 3-5 2-2.5 3-5 2-5
*Contact your Strong State representative for assistance in establishing proper processing conditions
**Hollowed out letters could be done in 2.5-6 mins, solid area could be finished in 5-8 mins, and fine lines and dots need extra exposure up to 8-12 mins as needed
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