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Discuss the application of cloud technology in printing industry

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2012/09/27 01:09
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This paper discusses the possible application mode of cloud technology in the printing industry in the future with the theme of cloud technology. It mainly describes the development of cloud technology after DTP digital technology, which will become the most important printing information generation mode, and the communication technology mainly based on spread before printing. The first paragraph explains the meaning of cloud technology. The second section takes the configuration model of cloud technology, service characteristics of cloud computing and service level as sub-questions. In the third paragraph, cloud technology and printing and production are taken as sub-topics to describe the huge information use group it can generate for the printing industry, great benefits and development space for the printing industry. In the fourth paragraph, it is explained that cloud technology needs to use multiple software to embed audio-visual and animation when synchronizing with EP, which is of great added value to the printing industry.
In the early days of the computer, the mainframe, storage and output components were all expensive, so they were all based on master-slave architecture. The individual operators only had keyboard and screen interfaces, and the data they could store was very limited, usually less than 1MB. After personal computer development, because of its has been a sharp increase in calculus ability, storage capacity from 10 MB to grow to now hundreds or even thousands of GB, coupled with the use of regional cable network, seems to have meet the needs of most of the printing system, from design, prepress plate to output, even after the factory area within the network transmission, for the use of digital print and output, etc. However, unless there are T1 and T3 lines, the external transmission speed of ADSL is still severely inadequate, which has a great impact on the aging process and sometimes causes great troubles due to the sudden decrease of the speed.
When come to the cloud era of science and technology, the structure of the computer operation back to the early of the master-slave architecture, as the main body of "cloud" tens of thousands, millions of calculus and large storage space, and various extremely broadband file transfer ability between the cloud and the cloud, regardless of whether they have a cloud or public cloud, copy files in the cloud for accepting, page editing operations, file storage to transport work, smooth will become very fast. In addition, the development of short printing quantity of no edition digital printing equipment will change the traditional centralized first printing and then the printing products will be delivered by logistics in short and long distance, which will take time and trouble, and change to file transmission before end printing, which will reduce the burden of delivery logistics and time. And printing propagation, editing, workpiece combination, distribution, and sent to the respective output, efficiency than traditional personal computer era, hundreds of times quicker to tens of thousands of times, and the user as long as on the terminal of simple operation, due to the work instructions very little amount of information, it is easy to transfer, as the cloud on calculate ability of science and technology is the tens of thousands of times before, is hard to estimate the reserves more to, and it is only when the user to use the pay, don't need to buy a high-energy their computer, can reduce the large depreciation expense, relative to the ebook invasion of printing market, electronic reading tools, Cloud technology can enable the printing industry to achieve faster transmission, higher efficiency and lower cost of first transmission and then printing, produce stable and long-term printed paper finished products, and create a new competitive opportunity, which will be the most important digital technology change after printing digitalization from DTP to CTP.