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The office should know about daily cleaning and maintenance of printed products

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2012/09/27 01:08
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When buying a printed product, we don't just take it out when we need it, but put it aside when we don't need it. In order to ensure that an office product can perfectly meet the office needs, a convenient wipe at ordinary times will bring a longer life and a more efficient use of office products.
Of course to cleanness and maintain also not be blindly wipe, but also be not very troublesome, we at ordinary times every other three bad five clean maintain next ok. For different products, there are also some points to pay attention to. The editor below will introduce the daily cleaning methods of ink-jet printing products, laser printing products and scanning products. With more correct cleaning methods, it is important to do daily maintenance for office products. For example, ink jet products should pay attention to the cleaning of ink cartridges, laser products to wipe the internal, scanning products should be maintained against the scanner, and so on, to see their cleaning points and common sense.
Simple cleaning and maintenance can be done by everyone
The maintenance and cleaning of printers cannot be ignored. As we all know, the consumables of printers are very costly. In order to avoid unnecessary waste of consumables, daily maintenance is indispensable. Printers are highly used products for both business and home users. Do not think daily maintenance and cleaning work is very difficult, in fact, the simplest cleaning maintenance we are easy to do.
First of all, we need to provide a stable working platform for printers, and a reasonable placement of products. Do not place objects above the fuselage, which is also a maintenance. Next, we should pay attention to the cleaning problem of the fuselage. Whether you use it at home or at work, there will always be a lot of dust on the surface of the fuselage. Simple wiping can make the surface of the fuselage beautiful and fresh.
This cleaning work does not have what technical content, but small make up want to remind next user, when wiping, must wring moisture dry, cannot let water enter airframe interior in wiping process. After cleaning the surface, we should wipe the machine and the paper wheel. Please take care of the sensor and do not break it. In fact, the choice of paper is also learned, do not light the price of paper sheet cheap, too rough cheap paper will cause printing head wear, so the choice of paper is also important for printers.
Cleaning and maintenance of inkjet printer
In addition to the body of the ink jet printer scrub, but also for the ink jet head scrub. If there is a problem with the inkjet head of the product, there will be many symptoms when printing, such as white bars, lack of color, incomplete font, and so on. What should we do after the nozzle is blocked? Many users don't know how to deal with it. Now, step by step, let's go to the device and printer and find the printer properties. There will be options for maintenance tools. Choose sprinkler head to clean can, first carry out common cleaning, three times or not in the case of the use of strong cleaning options, because strong deep cleaning will be very waste ink, under the general conditions of the nozzle blockage can be improved by the common cleaning method.
The above shows how to clean and maintain, and let's talk about how reasonable maintenance can also increase the service life of the printer: where we often neglect to use, it will cause waste of ink if the ink cartridge is removed. To prevent the cartridges from drying up, we leave the printer at room temperature when not available, and don't leave it in the sun.
When using the printer, do not choose to directly power off or unplug. The power button should be turned off first, so that the printer can not properly return the print head to its original position before shutting down. This causes the print head to fail, making the ink more volatile and causing losses to the user.
The ink cartridge also needs to be calibrated frequently, which can improve the accuracy and quality of printing. The ink cartridge should be corrected once every 1-2 months to ensure that the printer can print normally.
Laser printer cleaning and maintenance
The maintenance and maintenance of the laser printer is better than that of the inkjet printer. In the same way, we need to carry out daily appearance maintenance, followed by cleaning the paper inlet and interior of the printer.
The laser printer should clean the paper feeding part, and then the paper feeding part can see the paper roller, we can use the cleaning cloth or some soft things to maintain it, and it is better to use the alcohol when wiping. When cleaning and maintaining the inside of the product, wipe dry cleaning cloth or use small brush tools, and clean the carbon powder dropped when adding powder, so as to avoid damage to the machine.
Daily cleaning and maintenance of fax machine
Here we introduce a fax machine maintenance and cleaning, alone is not the same as the fax machine is much more a scanner, scanner to store the data on the documents scanned into data and then transmitted to the other side of the fax machine, so the scanner, and is a very important part of the receiving if failed will influence each other, so for this part of the cleaning is very important.
First of all, we turn on the control panel of the fax machine. The scanner is usually located at the bottom. We wipe the upper glass of the scanner with the cleaning cloth to ensure that the scanner is clean enough to prevent the condition of white strips. Actually a lot of knowledge is conveniently clean maintain work, at ordinary times every three bad five clean times, can reduce the breakdown of the product, can be used more for a long time.